Pressure Gauge Adapter

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Pressure Gauge Adapter

Identifying pressure drops at the nozzle

In order to obtain a good distribution under the boom it is necessary to measure the pressure at the nozzle to detect possible pressure drops.

The nozzle pressure adapter has been developed in such a way that it fits on all types of nozzles and nozzle bodies. Two versions are available:

All adapters are equipped with pressure gauges of 100 mm diameter, class 1.0 (as requested by ISO 16122 for inspection of sprayers), end scales 6, 10, 25 and 40 bar. A hook support permits to safely fix the device, allowing an easy reading of the pressure. The nozzle should be placed under the pressure gauge for more accurate measurements. Ideally, one pressure gauge should be mounted on each section to check the whole boom.

With these pressure gauge adapters, 6 major points of the hydraulic system can be verified:

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Product Range

Nozzle pressure adapter hook 6 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter hook 10 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter hook 16 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter hook 25 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter 16 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter 25 bar
Nozzle pressure adapter 40 bar
Nozzle adapter with quick fit
Nozzle adapter with hose tail
Adapter 1/2” F
Adapter 3/8” F
Adapter 1/4” F
Adapter Teejet/Arag
Adapter Hardi
Adapter Braglia
Alu box for transport of hooks

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