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AAMS is your reliable sprayer solutions provider. We develop, maintain and calibrate measuring solutions for any market.

To keep your test equipment in the best shape possible, we offer check-ups, repairs and maintenance. We want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your test equipment for years to come.

We also calibrate your equipment, so you are always measuring with maximum precision. It is possible to do on-site calibration but you can also visit us at our facility in Maldegem, Belgium.

Developing new tools is a big part of what we do, our research and development team is constantly in search of perfect solutions to any problem.

Besides our standard products, we also offer custom-made test equipment, feel free to contact us to find out more about this service.

We always try to ensure that our machinery is as user-friendly as possible but if needed we also offer training and demo's for all of our devices.

Our Products

A few examples


Air profiles measuring tool

Research & Development

Measuring air flow, speed and direction in front of a fan (e.g. air blast sprayers)


Basic Accessories

Inspection & Calibration

Old school calibration and inspection of sprayers


Basic Modular Patternator for Small Sprayers

Research & Development

Modular mechanical test device to verify the liquid distribution under a spray boom.

Check-up and repair

AAMS is an expert when it comes to test equipment for the inspection of sprayers and spreaders. You can turn to us for the check up and/or repair of your test equipment. We can also offer you parts from different brands e.g. Hardi spray Scanner, LH Agro Sprimas, LH Agro patternators and Holder patternators.

Please feel free to contact us we would like to make you an offer for the check-up or repair of your test equipment.


AAMS is at your service for giving training about sprayers and spreaders and/or the inspection of these devices.

We use the necessary test equipment during our trainings.


We take care of the maintenance of test equipment from different brands.

Our experienced mechanics know exactly what to look for, so you can be sure that your device works perfectly again during the inspection season.


Thanks to our experience and many successful projects, AAMS is the perfect partner to develop test equipment for inspections and research.

Beside our standard products we can also offer you custom made test equipment according to your requirements.

It is our goal to find the perfect solution for your needs!


AAMS is the correct address if you want your test equipment calibrated.

Thanks to our experience we are able to adjust your test equipment as correct as possible, so you can measure with maximal precision.

We can come and calibrate at your place or we can do the calibration in our company.

What we do best

Why choose AAMS

AAMS is a company that specialises in testing equipment for Agricultural machines and components, mainly for sprayers.

We have a very wide range of standard test equipment, but sometimes the standard equipment is just not suitable for the job you need to get done.

For those specific requirements, AAMS also offers you a special service to develop customized test equipment suitable for your specific application.

Because of our years of experience and many finished projects throughout those years, we are the partner that you need for the development and realization of test equipment that is perfect for your individual needs.

We will involve the customer as much as possible, from the first drafts all the way until the installation, so that together we can achieve the best possible result.


Product Finder

We have a solution ready

Use our product finder to find the right product to fit your needs.

Rather talk to a real person or do you have specific needs for a solution? Feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll be glad to help you out. You can reach out to us by e-mail at or by phone .

Our product finder only covers a part of our available solutions, if you can’t find the product that you're looking for, then please contact us directly.

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