Pressure gauge tester

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Pressure gauge tester

Checking precision of pressure gauges.

Without a precise indication of the pressure on a sprayer all further actions carried out with the sprayer will be influenced. Therefore it is crucial to have a correct functioning pressure gauge.

The manometer tester is especially designed for checking pressure gauges of all types of sprayers or other - agricultural- machinery. The device is equipped with quick couplings to allow a fast and proper mounting of manometers without the risk of damaging the thread.

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Product Range

Pressure gauge tester
Analog manometer 6 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Analog manometer 10 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Analog manometer 16 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Analog manometer 25 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Analog manometer 40 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Analog manometer 60 bar with certificate (Class: 0,6)
Digital manometer 25 bar with certificate (Class: 0,1)
Digital manometer 40 bar with certificate (Class: 0,25)
Digital manometer 60 bar with certificate (Class: 0,25)

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