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Horizontal patternator for individual nozzles

Research & Development

Automatically measuring liquid distribution under the spray boom for precise nozzle characterization


Nozzle demo unit

Sustainability & Stewardship

Demonstration of the working of various nozzles


Nozzle tester for dismounted nozzles

Inspection & Calibration

Defining the flow rate of nozzles


Oxford laser P15

Research & Development

Measuring droplet characterization: diameter and velocity measurement


Passive flow meter

Inspection & Calibration

Comparing flow output of nozzles on sprayers



Inspection & Calibration

Operator protection, nozzle cleaning and WSP


Pressure Gauge Adapter

Inspection & Calibration

Identifying pressure drops at the nozzle


Pressure gauge tester

Inspection & Calibration

Checking precision of pressure gauges.


Pump tester

Inspection & Calibration

Measuring the capacity of pumps and other flow rates on sprayers.


S001 Nozzle tester

Inspection & Calibration

Mobile device to measure the absolute flow values of nozzles.


Software for sprayer inspection

Inspection & Calibration

Integrating all technical and administrative aspects of a sprayer inspection following ISO16122


Spray gun test unit

Inspection & Calibration

Define the flow rate of nozzles

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What we do best

Why choose AAMS

AAMS is a company that specialises in testing equipment for Agricultural machines and components, mainly for sprayers.

We have a very wide range of standard test equipment, but sometimes the standard equipment is just not suitable for the job you need to get done.

For those specific requirements, AAMS also offers you a special service to develop customized test equipment suitable for your specific application.

Because of our years of experience and many finished projects throughout those years, we are the partner that you need for the development and realization of test equipment that is perfect for your individual needs.

We will involve the customer as much as possible, from the first drafts all the way until the installation, so that together we can achieve the best possible result.


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